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  Featured Items at Engine Room: ::Static:: - Astraeus Dial.  This clock tells real time throughout the day, with the sun being noon and the moon being midnight. The inner dial is a more exact measurement of minutes within the hour.  Time zone can be changed by clicking it. And it's only 2 LI! Dirty Rat - Steam DNA Forge. Who doesn't need an ornate steampunk incubator? There's even a stag beetle inside. Really awesome materials as always, and 8 LI. Also pictured in the back is the Mutant Flytrap. Eclectica - This is a radio that works with your land settings. Just set it out, set it to the land's group and it's ready to go! There are nine pre-loaded genres for you to choose from and it comes in three finishes - copper (shown), nickel and timber. Each is 3 LI. Petrichor - Corintha Glasses. Steampunk spectacles! They're easy to adjust, come in two versions (with or without the clip), and there are three texture HUDs.  Additional Items Lemony: Base - LeLutka Av

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